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QHow long have you been trading?:

Eagle Management and Orlando Rent A Villa one of the same company and we have been trading since 2004. We’re members of all the local and state groups namely the Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA), Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professional (VRHP) and also hold an A+ rating with the BBB.

QWhere are you based?

We are based on the 27 at the Berry Town center in Davenport, Florida. We operate our real estate division of Orlando Buy A Villa here as well as a full management, rental and welcome check-in center.

QDo you arrange contractors and maintain the home on our behalf?

We have a certified pool contractor, certified landscaping company and professional pest control company contracted for all our inventory of homes. They’re licensed and we have worked with them all for years so truly confident on the weekly work they do for us and proud to work alongside them.

QAre you active with bookings for your owners?

Very much so, we have links to all the major channel partners so enjoy a volume flow with all direct sources which include bookings generated directly from our site www.orlandorentavilla.com We also have contracts with chosen suppliers from the UK and also a major airline in Canada so enjoy rentals throughout the year.


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QCan we place our own rentals in our home?

Absolutely, we at Eagle Management want the investment to work for you, “if the investment works for you it works for us” owner bookings are a great way to succeed and we don’t charge a commission just simple a concierge fee of $35 for each reservation made by the owner, excluding owner use of course. We have an online portal, you simply input username and password on your owner’s link from our site and you can place the rental direct into the calendar. No email or call to us required, everything appears along with any notes you make about the booking, such as maybe a person within your rental has a birthday and you would like us to put in a cake or balloon. Very user friendly and easy to use. You can even send the rate you received for the booking giving us the information to pay your sales and tourist tax on your behalf the following month of the rental.

QDo you pay the sales and tourist tax for us?

Yes we certainly do, in fact we insist on doing so, in Polk county we’re proud to have held the seal of compliance for a number of years and are on first name terms with their office staff. Any owner rentals it is your responsibility to let our accounts department know of any income you have received in order to pay the S and T tax.

QDo you ensure we’re licensed with local and state authorities?

We hold a collective license with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) for each county we manage homes in. This means that instead of you, the owner, requiring individual licenses we license you under our umbrella collective and save you money each year as it is substantially cheaper under our umbrella that your individual policy.


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